Chiropractic care is focused on releasing the body to use the full faculties of its own amazing healing abilities. The nervous system plays the most significant role in your health and wellness. Dr. Nic West in Fort Wayne, IN focuses exclusively on care of the spine and nervous system. In this way, pain and symptoms resolve as the result of correcting the root cause, and not simply masking or managing the effects.

The body is an exceedingly complex interconnected system, many times more complicated than an engine or computer. Therefore, you will discover that when one component is not working properly, especially the system that coordinates all body function, it affects other areas of the body. True correction involves getting to the underlying cause, rather than covering up pain and other symptoms with medication, surgery, herbs, essential oils, or other treatments. Oftentimes, the point of pain or organ dysfunction is far removed from the location of the true root cause of the issue. Dr. Nic West cares for the whole human being by using non-invasive, yet effective techniques that not only relieve pain, but also improve overall health and increase total well-being.

An Alternative to the “Sick-Care” Model

If you have ever been to a traditional medical doctor, or to a therapeutically-focused doctor, you are probably familiar with the “sick-care” model that encourages people to visit a doctor only when symptomatic or in pain, rather than utilizing proactive measures to prevent health challenges from ever occurring in the first place.

Chiropractors take a different approach that is focused on true health care. People who receive principled chiropractic care do not simply get relief – they are guided towards the best way to care for their body to prevent future injuries and illness, and to achieve the healthiest lives possible. When masking pain and symptoms with therapies and treatments, you may find your body does not heal optimally. This occurs because the true root cause is left to worsen, and because of the cumulative side-effects of these treatments. This can lead to future complications and bigger long-term health issues.

The Principled Chiropractic Corrective Approach

At Pine Valley Chiropractic, we take a non-invasive and natural approach to recovery, disease prevention, and health optimization. The body is incredible in healing itself, when given the opportunity and the time to do so. Principled chiropractors are committed to going beyond temporary relief. Through spinal adjustment and a focus on the communication between the nervous system and the rest of the body, chiropractors allow your body to function properly, optimizing healing, function, and performance. You will notice this in your daily life when your body has full mobility and your energy, strength, and vitality are at optimal levels.

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