Why Choose Principled Chiropractic?

The dominant healthcare model is only focused on caring for people after they become sick or injured, or once they express symptoms and pain. At Pine Valley Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, we focus on care that restores healing capability and optimizes bodily function. This kind of care allows a person not only to get well and stay well, but to fully express their life potential. We are focused on going beyond the surface symptoms of your health problems to address the underlying cause. The body has an incredible healing power, and we work to restore proper nervous system function so that you and your family reach the highest level of health for a lifetime.

What is the Goal of Chiropractic Care?

Of all the systems in the human body, there is only one that can be said to coordinate and regulate the function of every other organ, tissue, and cell. This is the nervous system. The goal of Chiropractic is to care for the nervous system in a way that allows it to function at its best. With the nervous system functioning at its peak, all body functions and processes work optimally and in harmony with each other. This is the REAL definition of health. With true health established and all parts of the body working well together as one whole, we have the ability and potential as human beings to live an average of 100 years of joyful, vital, energetic, chronic pain and chronic disease-free life.

What is Principled Chiropractic?

Principled chiropractic is defined by its objective. The purpose of principled chiropractic is in adjusting the spine to remove interference to the function of the nervous system. The nervous system is the master command system, and controls all health and healing in the body. Interference to this system causes a global breakdown in the body’s ability to work properly and resist the development of disease. Therefore, nerve interference, caused by spinal subluxation, is often at the root of all kinds of health challenges. Principled chiropractic focuses solely on the detection and correction of spinal subluxation and nerve interference.

Principled chiropractic is differentiated  from therapeutic chiropractic in that it does not focus on the treatment of pain and symptoms, or on the management of disease conditions. Instead, principled chiropractic focuses on removing interference to the body’s ability to heal itself, from the inside-out. The amazing fact is that free of interference, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself from any disease condition or pain syndrome. Principled chiropractic simply focuses on giving each individual the greatest chance of doing so. The same care then allows for the greatest chance of preventing illness and experiencing the greatest quality of life for a lifetime.

Whether you are experiencing signs and symptoms of dysfunction now, or currently have no symptoms at all, we are here to ensure you reach an optimal level of well-being. Schedule an appointment with Pine Valley Chiropractic today!

How Does the Model Work?

The stressors that lead to subluxation begin from very early on in life. Falls as a child, car accidents, sports injuries, sitting for long periods, poor posture, wearing high heels, improper sleep position, improper lifting mechanics, and many other activities can lead to subluxation. The delivery process at birth, due to its physical nature, is often the first time we experience spinal subluxation, and more often than not, with no readily apparent symptom.

This nerve interference then progresses and develops silently, as cavities often do, for years or even decades. Along the way, people gradually begin experiencing a loss of vital energy, decreased focus and concentration, depressed moods, aches and pains, decreased quality of sleep, lessened breathing capacity, digestive disturbances, and weakened immune strength. Oftentimes, these symptoms are shrugged off as due to poor genetics or the aging process, when in reality they are reflective of nerve interference having developed over years of time. With further neglect, this interference to healing may develop into more serious health challenges and crises.

The principled chiropractic model works by identifying and correcting interference to health at the foundation of all healing and function, the nervous system. With nerve interference corrected or reduced, you have the greatest ability to heal, to perform, to experience and express life. Principled chiropractic care is dedicated to allowing full families to experience true health and well-being over a lifetime.

The Vertebral Subluxation

One of the most overlooked, and yet most detrimental interferences to healing is known as the “vertebral subluxation.” This is a condition in which one or more spinal bones become misaligned, and lose their normal range of joint motion. This spinal joint dysfunction produces abnormal tension on the structures encased and protected by the spinal column – namely the brainstem and spinal cord. This abnormal tension, known as abnormal tissue tone, interferes with the proper communication of nerve messages through the spinal cord between the brain and body.

When the brain and body cannot communicate properly, the brain cannot properly control and coordinate the organs and muscles, and the organs and muscles cannot tell the brain what they need. This disconnect in neurological information can lead to, or contribute to, any symptom or  health condition. Spinal subluxation left uncorrected may lead to limited spinal range of motion and decreased resistance to the development of disease. Pain is often, but not always, expressed as a warning sign of this blockage to healing. In truth, subluxation and nerve interference often develop without any symptoms at all. The only way to understand how well your nervous system is functioning is through a comprehensive nervous system assessment.

When you decide to take advantage of principled chiropractic, Dr. Nic West at Pine Valley Chiropractic is  dedicated to not only helping you feel at your best, but helping you function and heal at your best.

Why Choose a Principled Chiropractor?

Masking pain, treating symptoms, and managing health conditions from the outside only gets you so far for so long. Principled chiropractic is dedicated to the fullest expression and experience of life. This does mean correcting the cause of chronic sickness, disease, and pain. It does mean the prevention of illness, in the first place. However, it also means living a long, quality life. It means having a joy-filled childhood, free of the fear and trauma of repeated medical interventions. It means experiencing the good mood and clarity of thought necessary to complete work projects with greatness and achieve career success. It means having the energy and physical ability to play with your great-grandchildren. It means being able to leave an inheritance to your family, instead of to medical bills. And it means leaving a legacy of health, longevity, and vitality for your loved ones.

When you visit our office, you can be confident that you are in the hands of doctors who care about the health and quality of life of your family. Your overall health is our top priority and we use the most advanced technology and techniques to help you reach your goals. Our methods detect and correct the vertebral subluxations that occur from life’s everyday activities, and help prevent injury and bodily dysfunction in the future. Visit us to see why you should choose Dr. Nic West as your Fort Wayne chiropractor.

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