Health is our most precious asset. When we lose our health, we lose everything. Anyone who has ever lost their health and struggled with health challenges can attest to this. Finances, careers, relationships, and quality of life all deteriorate with loss of health. At the core of all health and healing is the function of the nervous system, the master command system of the body. This is why chiropractic care of the spine and nervous system is so important from birth until death. At Pine Valley Chiropractic, our vision is to see full families achieve and maintain true well-being over a lifetime.

Chiropractic Care for the Entire Family

Principled chiropractic care is about the fullest expression of life and health. This effort must begin far before the presence of pain or symptoms. The truth is that nerve interference, spinal degeneration, and chronic disease often build silently for years, and even decades before any pain or symptoms develop. Meanwhile, health deteriorates and the resistance to disease development weakens, often without any notice. Chiropractic is a proactive and cause-based approach to the restoration, the optimization, and the maintenance of true health and vitality.

We learn our most deeply-seated values very early on in life. We learn most of these values and perspectives from the people that bring us into the world, take care of us, teach us, and raise us – our “mothers, fathers, teachers, and preachers.” Most American families today grow up in a very reactive, medical “sick care” model, focused on waiting until health is lost, and then seeking to treat and mask symptoms. Principled chiropractic takes a proactive approach to health. Our view is that health is far too precious to neglect until signs and symptoms of disease arise. Our goal at Pine Valley Chiropractic is to provide the kind of care that allows for the highest level of bodily function and health expression. Our mission is to empower parents with the ability to teach their families true, timeless health principles that provide for a legacy of health and wellness.

Chiropractic Care for Children and Infants

Eighty percent of first subluxations occur at birth. The very physicality of the delivery process causes most of us to experience nerve interference from the very beginning of our lives. If not at birth, then all children develop subluxation at some point early in life. Children explore, investigate, and push boundaries. As they investigate and learn from the wonderful new world around them, accidents are inevitable. The average child falls around 2,000 times in their first five years of life. Two hundred of these falls can be considered serious enough to hospitalize an adult. In addition to falls, we have sports injuries, sitting for long periods at school desks, poor posture, carrying a backpack, and “fender benders” while learning to drive in adolescence, among so many other physical stressors that can and do lead to subluxation. Thankfully, infants and children are resilient. However, with each of these falls and injuries, nerve interference may become a reality. Without timely correction, this interference develops and accumulates.

From infancy, our bodies grow and develop at an impressive rate. The first body system to develop in utero is the nervous system. The nervous system not only regulates all bodily function as an adult, it also controls and coordinates all development as a child. With this perspective, you can see why nerve interference caused by subluxation is even more devastating to a developing child than to a full-grown adult. We see commonly that children under long-term, consistent, principled chiropractic care express much less frequently and intensely the kinds of symptoms and health challenges that plague most American children today. Chiropractic kids rarely, if ever, express health challenges like ear infections, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, croup, and eczema. We find that children under this kind of care also present with stronger immune systems, developing colds and flus much less frequently, and recovering from them faster when they do. This inevitably leads to healthier, happier children who perform better in school, sports, and extracurricular activities. It also means kids who rely less, if ever, on the usage of medication. Any parent will agree, that’s a huge plus!

Chiropractic care is gentle in general, but even more so with children and infants. Many people have an unfortunate misunderstanding in thinking that chiropractic for children may be dangerous or risky. In truth, while chiropractic is one of the safest healing arts overall, and much safer than medical intervention, it is particularly safe with regard to infants and children. As you might imagine, the adjustment techniques used with infants and children are different than those used with adults. The amount of force necessary to correct subluxation in a newborn is most often no more than light, pinky-point pressure. What certainly cannot be debated by anyone who has visited a principled chiropractic health center and met families who have been under care for years, is that chiropractic care is one of the biggest and most valuable blessings children can receive from the earliest of ages.

Dr. Nic West at Pine Valley Chiropractic is on a mission to help parents raise healthy families in Fort Wayne and its surrounding communities. We are here to help your family correct the root cause of current health challenges, to prevent future ones, and to set your children up for a lifetime of health as they age and become thriving adults.

Chiropractic Care for Senior Citizens

The later years in life are supposed to truly be “golden years.” These are years through which we are able to use the insights that we have gathered over a lifetime of experience to reach higher levels of understanding and enlightenment. We then have the grand and joyful experience of passing this invaluable wisdom on to our most cherished loved ones in subsequent generations.

Quite unfortunately, however, the elder years are loathed in our society, and aging is experienced reluctantly. This is because aging in America has become synonymous with slowing down, losing our mental faculties, experiencing pain and joint deterioration, sickness, disease, and handicap. This eventuality certainly does not have to be the case. As Harvard longevity studies have demonstrated, we are designed as human beings to live an average of 100 years of quality, energetic, and prosperous, chronic sickness and disease-free life. No matter what injuries we have suffered in the past and no matter what age we begin caring for our spines and nervous systems, we have the potential to heal and function at our best.

Through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments, seniors in our Fort Wayne community reduce their dependency on prescriptions and experience a new and improved level of energy and vitality. Even if you currently have no symptoms, you can rejuvenate your body and improve your health at any age when you seek the care of Dr. Nic West at Pine Valley Chiropractic. Well-functioning nervous systems and great quality health allow us to experience a truly full life, and the ability to make all the best memories we can with friends, family, and loved ones.

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