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Dr. Nic West

Dr. Nic West

Fort Wayne Chiropractor

Dr. Nic West was born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana. He knew he wanted to help people from a young age, but he did not know in what way. The first time he heard the philosophy of Chiropractic he realized that it was the correct path. He decided that he would go to Chiropractic school at Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating in 2014.

Dr. West headed to Portland, Oregon after graduating, where he had an active family and prenatal clinic. During his school internships and especially this recent phase of his career, Dr. West recognized his passion for these areas of practice. While in Oregon he expanded his prenatal and pediatric experience greatly in the office, taking and teaching classes, and at home.

In this time, he also started a young family of his own which is his newest and largest passion. He and his wife, Zizi, have 4 young daughters: Lillian, Charlotte Mae, Leila, and Nora Jean. Creating a great life experience for his family and watching them grow is his greatest hobby.

When Dr. West is not in the office, he also loves cooking, weight lifting and training, and anything that involves spending time with his girls. He especially enjoys archery and hunting and fishing. He truly believes that living in nature is of the utmost importance to all aspects of health and life in general. He is currently enjoying being back in Indiana and looks forward to serving you.

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