Our vision is to see a vibrantly healthy community, where families are empowered to understand the REAL definition of health, as well as how to achieve and maintain it. We see a community, a culture, and a society where people are given every opportunity to express their fullest health and life potential. Our mission is to support families in achieving this goal through holistic, vitalistic, neurologically-focused chiropractic care. We provide the most advanced chiropractic care available, and are dedicated to our practice members. We focus on research, ongoing training, and the latest advancements in technology to ensure the care we provide is effective and has a positive impact on your life. Dr. Nic West and his team always use proven, scientific techniques and information to ensure we give the best care to each person we see.

We begin the process by reviewing your health history and completing a thorough nervous system assessment. We then customize a health and wellness plan for each individual based on personalized needs and goals. Helping you reach your optimal level of health is our top priority, and we welcome people of all ages in our community to take advantage of our principled chiropractic care.  We provide care for you and your entire family, to help you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. Visit Pine Valley Chiropractic today and discover why you should choose us as your Fort Wayne chiropractor.

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