Chiropractic Care and Asthma

Asthma is a condition characterized by chronic inflammation of the lung’s airway passages. Sufferers of asthma have periodic “attacks,” where these passages suddenly inflame and fill with mucus, causing severe shortness of breath.

Spasms often accompany asthma attacks, causing muscles in the chest as well as smooth muscle tissue in the lungs to contract rapidly, making breathing and movement difficult. These spasms can be so severe that the person cannot move. Coughing fits, wheezing, excess sputum production and other issues can make these fits even worse.

People seeking to address the root cause of asthma can look to chiropractic care. Doing so may lessen their dependence on medicines with severe side effects. Since asthma is theorized to be related to allergic reactions, the allergy-reducing potential of chiropractic can also provide benefits.


How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Asthma Sufferers

Most modern anti-asthmatic drugs attempt to treat the condition’s symptoms. Inflammation, histamine reactions, mucus production and more are all targeted. Yet, even with these medications, the condition persists. Some people also report little to no improvement in their symptoms.

What these drugs fail to account for is the role our nervous systems play in lung function. Chiropractic care recognizes this role and seeks to correct underlying issues leading to respiratory dysfunction, by correcting nervous system irregularities caused by subluxation.

Specifically, subluxation in the upper third, fourth, and fifth vertebrae can impede functionality of the phrenic nerve. Since this nerve controls the muscle responsible for breathing (the diaphragm), back spasms associated with an asthma attack can create a critical loop that worsens symptoms.

Through specific spinal adjustment, optimal nervous system function can be restored. Lymphatic function and muscular performance can similarly improve, helping to lessen the severity and frequency of attacks in addition to improving quality of life.